About us

Spotlight on Corruption works to end corruption within the UK and wherever the UK has influence

Our vision is for a society where strong, transparent, and accountable institutions ensure that corruption is not tolerated.

Our mission is to end corruption through an emphasis on legal systems that work and effective enforcement of the law.

How we achieve this


  • We track the implementation and enforcement of the UK’s anti-corruption laws to ensure that they are deterring and preventing corruption.

  • We undertake detailed, evidence-based and impactful research on the implementation and enforcement of the UK’s anti-corruption laws, looking for ways in which they can be improved.

  • We investigate and publicise cases of corruption where there are strong grounds for supposing that the UK’s anti-corruption laws have been broken.

  • We explore the role that strategic litigation can play in improving anti-corruption enforcement outcomes.

Our History


Spotlight on Corruption has grown out of highly regarded work on the enforcement of UK anti-corruption laws led by its Executive Director, Susan Hawley, at Corruption Watch UK. 

Meeting a clear need for a new, agile, anti-corruption organisation with a specific expertise in enforcement, Spotlight on Corruption builds on the work of Corruption Watch UK, some of which is incorporated into our website.

Impact & theory of change


We believe that by holding the UK government to account for enforcing its anti-corruption law and scrutinising the performance of the UK enforcement bodies and the UK courts, we can help end impunity for corruption. 

Properly funded and fully independent enforcement bodies that proactively enforce anti-corruption laws are critical to building trust in fair and accountable political systems at home and abroad and making sure that public money is spent for the public good, and not private gain.