Covid-19 Economic Crime Tracker


Author: Spotlight On Corruption

Soon after a global pandemic was announced in March 2020, it became clear that the international response to Coronavirus also came with a major economic crime threat. We therefore started recording all news articles, academic publications and statements by international organisations on this subject as well as publishing a daily Covid newsletter. 

As we begin to wind down our newsletter, which is now weekly, we wanted to make public record all the articles, publications and commentaires we have collected. We hope this extensive list proves useful to researchers, academics, journalists and other interested parties, particularly when it comes to analysing the trends, developments and lessons learnt from this tumultuous period. 

Our objective was to keep track of stories that provided information on:

– How the pandemic impacted the courts

– What it meant for public procurement, as PPE needed to be acquired quickly  at great cost, unprecedented economic rescue packages were provided, and emergency laws were passed

– What impact the ever-evolving situation had on economic crime, global crime syndicates, kleptocrats, money-launderers, corporate compliance teams, as well as law enforcement officials and their ongoing investigations

Below is our database of over 1,500 links, collated into three tables:

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