Funders & Partners

Who Funds Us?

We are currently funded by the following donors;

  • The David and Elaine Potter Foundation – £40,000 for one year from June 2023
  • John Ellerman Foundation – £90,000 over three years from June 2021
  • The Joffe Charitable Trust – £135,000 over three years from March 2023
  • The Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust – £150,000 over three years from February 2022
  • The JRSST Charitable Trust – £35,000 over one year from May 2023 to strengthen integrity in public life
  • Luminate Foundation – USD 160,000 over 2 years from January 2023
  • Open Society Foundations – USD 495,588 (£402,018)  to support research and advocacy work on anti-money laundering reforms in the UK for three years from May 2022
  • Open Society Policy Centre (in partnership with REDRESS) – USD 47,507 (£39,241) for two years from November 2021 to work on UK anti-corruption sanctions

Who do we Work With?

We work closely with other organisations that share our mission of ending corruption and are an active member of the UK Anti-Corruption Coalition. We believe strongly in the power of cooperation and coordination of civil society to achieve change.