How the international anti-corruption community rates the UK

27 November, 2019 | 2 minute read

What international conventions has the UK signed up to on corruption?

The UK has signed up to various international agreements for fighting corruption including:

What does Spotlight on Corruption do?

We help ensure that the UK government upholds its international commitments on fighting corruption and track its implementation of recommendations made by international review bodies.

We are part of the BOND Anti-Corruption group, a network of UK-based anti-corruption groups that meets with the bodies that review the UK’s compliance with each of its international anti-corruption commitments and provides input in order to help ensure that the reviews are accurate.

Our resources

Response to the 2018 FATF review of the UK – December 2018
Joint response by Corruption Watch, Global Witness and Transparency International to the FATF Mutual Evaluation of the UK which gave the UK the highest compliance rating for tackling money laundering of any global financial centre. It highlights where civil society considered the review needed to be more robust.

Submission to the UNCAC review – July 2018
BOND Anti-Corruption group submission to the UN Convention Against Corruption reviewers providing a civil society perspective on the UK government’s self-assessment of its own compliance with the Convention, particularly with regard to how the UK is preventing corruption and recovering assets that are the proceeds of corruption.

Submission to the OECD Phase 4 review – October 2016
BOND Anti-Corruption group submission to the OECD reviewers covering civil society views on how the UK is implementing the Anti-Bribery Convention.

The OECD comes to town – October 2014
Corruption Watch blog about the site visit by the OECD Working Group on Bribery in 2014 and issues it should expect to address.