What’s the issue?

Ending corruption linked to the UK is essential for combating corruption globally. The UK, and its connected jurisdictions in the offshore world, are a major financial hub for banking, law and accounting.

London is a favourite location for many global businesses who use its stock exchange to raise finance. It is also a desirable city to live and do business, attracting kleptocrats,  those who have robbed the public purse in their home country.

“The UK has a critical role to play in setting global standards for integrity.”

UK’s individuals and companies may fuel corruption by:

  • Paying bribes to win lucrative contracts which help keep corrupt and undemocratic regimes in power.

  • Laundering, wittingly or otherwise, corrupt money stolen from poorer countries, through British banks, law firms, the purchase of property and luxury goods.

The ease with which corrupt leaders can move their money to attractive financial centres such as the UK is a major part of the problem. The UK is not immune to corruption at home either, where corruption, bribery, and conflicts of interest can undermine public confidence and destroy trust in government and politics.

What does Spotlight on Corruption do?

We track, research and investigate how the UK implements its anti-corruption laws and how effective those laws are.
We focus on:


How well do the UK’s anti-corruption laws work?


How well are the UK’s anti-corruption laws enforced?


What policy reforms are needed?