Briefing: Amendment to the National Security Bill

1 March, 2023 | 0 minute read

Lord Carlile of Berriew has tabled an amendment to the National Security Bill at Report stage which would require UK political parties to identify and manage the risks of donations from foreign powers.

The UK’s laws, enforcement and regulatory framework do not provide a sufficiently effective safeguard to protect our electoral system from foreign money. Donations from foreign sources are a significant threat to national security and undermine the integrity and credibility of our democratic processes.

Lord Carlile’s amendment would insert a new clause, which would require:

  • UK political parties to publish, and keep updated, a policy statement to ensure the identification of donations from a foreign power, whether made directly or through an intermediary;
  • the Secretary of State to publish guidance on this policy statement; and
  • UK political parties to provide an annual statement of risk management to the Electoral Commission that identifies how risks relating to donations from a foreign power (whether made directly or through an intermediary) have been managed and what measures have been put in place.

You can read the full briefing below.