Campaigners call for National Audit Office inquiry into Ministry of Defence involvement in UK-Saudi bribes

15 April, 2024 | 0 minute read

Spotlight on Corruption and Transparency International UK have called for a National Audit Office inquiry into the alleged involvement of the Ministry of Defence (MOD) in the bribery scandal revealed following the acquittal of two men accused of corruption offences last month.

The two organisation wrote to the National Audit Office last month outlining in detail the evidence of alleged wrongdoing gathered from the trial and asked the agency to undertake an investigation.

The evidence presented by the Serious Fraud Office and the defence over the course of two trials raises serious concerns that the MOD facilitated or signed off on payments to benefit Saudi public officials on government contracts with the country until very recently. Spotlight on Corruption’s full briefing on what the court case revealed about the UK government’s involvement is available to read here.

You can read the letter to the National Audit Office in full by using the link below.

A National Audit Office inquiry would examine how the Ministry of Defence could prevent future bribery scandals

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