At the end of January 2020, Airbus was given a Deferred Prosecution Agreement in the UK as part of a global settlement involving the US and France, under which Airbus paid a fine of €3.6 billion. This is the largest global settlement for a foreign bribery case by a company so far.

In light of the DPA agreed with Airbus, Spotlight on Corruption and Transparency International UK have written to the Serious Fraud Office asking the prosecuting body to look at how consistently the DPA regime is being applied in the UK and raising various issues arising from the DPA.
The letter is here.

In the letter, we ask the SFO to look at:

  • whether the regime provides sufficient incentives for companies to self-report

  • whether senior executives are being held to account effectively

  • whether the penalties imposed reflect the full wrongdoing committed

  • whether compensation principles are being effectively applied in DPAs

  • whether there is enough transparency in the DPA regime and

  • whether Article 6 of the OECD Convention is being sufficiently respected particularl with regard to the national economic interest.